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Northstack and Reykjavik Fintech Cluster wrote a report on Fintech in Iceland in February 2020, with the support of SFF, the Icelandic Financial Services Association. It can be downloaded here.


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Copenhagen Fintech og PA Consulting published a report about the top trends impacting Nordic fintechs. Published in June 2022, the report is a collection of trends and country analyses covering Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden and made in collaboration with the fintech hubs in these countries.

Copenhagen Fintech and EY published a report on how fintech companies provide value to SMEs. Published in March 2022, the report includes a mapping of Nordic fintechs. The report was made in collaboration with The Fintech Cluster, NCE Finance Innovation, Findec, Helsinki Fintech Farm and Invest Stockholm. It can be downloaded here.


Findexable and Fintech Mundi published a report on FinTech in the Nordic and Baltic region in December 2020. The countries account for little more than 2% of the population of Europe but are home to close to 1,000 fintechs. The report can be downloaded here in pdf format.

Copenhagen Fintech and Implement Consulting Group published a report on Impact Fintechs in the Nordic countries in September 2020. The report was made in collaboration with the Nordic Fintech Hubs and maps out fintech startups in the Nordics, working within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It can be downloaded here.

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